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  • How many Soul Food meals are there?
    We have 9 free community meals running across Edinburgh, one in Livingston and another in Bristol. Each of our meals is hosted by a local church and we gather around a table and eat dinner together. If your church would be interested in hosting a community meal, please get in touch.
  • How many meals does Soul Food serve a week?
    It is difficult to give an exact number of meals served each week but it is around XX. With the cost of living increasing, we are seeing this number continue to rise.
  • How many volunteers does Soul Food have?
    The number of volunteers varies and it is difficult to give an exact number but it is around XX. We are hugely grateful to all those who give their time to cook, serve, clear up and generally develop a relationship with our guests. If you would like to volunteer, please get in touch.
  • What makes Soul Food different from other homeless charities?
    Soul Food was founded on the principles of hospitality found in Christianity. We are not a traditional soup kitchen or homeless shelter, we believe that by setting a place at a dining table and inviting those experiencing the challenges of homelessness, poverty, isolation and loneliness to dinner, our meals can be a space of life-changing relationship and community.
  • What happens when guests need more support?
    Our Soul Food meals focused on building relationships and we are committed to walk alongside anyone in need of more support. We work closely with other agencies and can make referrals for food, clothes and help with housing and benefits issues. Mustard Seed and Central both run a CAP Debt Centre and Edinburgh City Mission runs a Food Bank and a Clothes Bank and we can also refer to Right There.
  • Do Soul Food meals accept food donations?
    If you would like to make a food donation, please get in touch. We believe in the importance of providing hot, freshly prepared, delicious meals and are always grateful for the donation of non perishables still sealed in their original packaging. With the current cost of living crisis, we are seeing our own overheads soaring while the number of guests at our meals continues to rise so food donations are really appreciated.
  • Does Soul Food run corporate social responsibility days?
    We often have requests from companies looking for ways they can help the Edinburgh homeless community. If your team would like to provide and cook dinner, please get in touch.
  • Can Soul Food help with Youth and Philanthropy Initiative projects?
    We are always delighted to hear when students choose Soul Food community meals as the focus of their Youth and Philanthropy Initiative projects. Please get in touch if you would like help with your project.

"Soul Food gave me hope. From the beginning we were welcomed with open arms"


- Soul Food Guest

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