Good preaching depends on being attentive - to God, to the Bible, to the congregation, to the context, to what influences and shapes the preacher. This practical, confidence-building guide is for all who want to develop their preaching by homing in on that which points to God in the now. Encouraging preachers in the ways that will make authentic connections with others, it demonstrates that preaching in today's culture requires preachers to 'show up and be present, in person' rather than speak 'in role' or act as religious spokespersons who take no responsibility for their message. Based on the authors' own training of ordinands, it offers: * Insights on how to develop the habit of noticing God in the world; * Strategies for opening up and finding fresh meaning in familiar Bible texts; * Ways of understanding what influences your congregation and your own theology; * Sample sermons that embody these principles.

Present Preacher