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Conversations on living justly, loving mercy

and walking humbly with God

Alongside Mustard Seed Edinburgh, Soul Food hosts regular 'Soul Talk' events throughout the year - cafe style conversations with a vision to encourage and equip people to live Micah 6:8 lives. Justice is a central theme of Soul Talk, with a focus on living practically and prayerfully as we seek to follow Jesus' example of loving others, our communities and our world well.

Soul Talk guests can anticipate hearing from inspirational national and local activists, authors, artists and change-makers amongst high quality music performances, great hospitality and flowing coffee.

Upcoming Events

  • Soul Talk Advent Series 2022
    Tue, 07 Feb
    Your Inbox
    07 Feb, 12:30
    Your Inbox
    Our theme this Advent is Blessing. What is it to be blessed and to bless? Each week we look at this theme through four lenses.
  • Unruly Saint Book Group
    Thu, 09 Mar
    09 Mar, 19:30
    Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
    Join us for an evening discussing DL Mayfield's new book, Unruly Saint; Dorothy Day's Radical Vision and its Challenges for our Times.
  • Let your Heartbreak be your Guide Book Group
    05 Apr, 19:30
    Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
    Join us for en evening discussing Let your Heartbreak be your Guide Book Group discussing Adam Bucko's new book, Let your Heartbreak be your Guide.

We are delighted to announce our next Soul Talk which is on Friday 17th September (7:30pm) where we have Laura Young aka Less Waste Laura as our speaker. It has been widely reported that the Climate Crisis would have been the main news all of the last year, if it had not been for the pandemic. We all know that we are in an emergency situation and that the majority world are living with the outcomes of that emergency, daily. What can we do to live well and help redress some serious balance? How can we live environmentally conscious lives, individually and corporately? How is treading gently on our beautiful planet worship to God?


This will be an in-person event (location announced very soon!). 

Previous Events

Creativity, Justice and the Prophetic Imagination - Saturday 31st August 2019, Edinburgh
Guest speaker - Joel McKerrow

Red Letter Christians UK Launch in Edinburgh, hosted by Soul Talk - Friday 21st June 2019, Edinburgh

Guest speaker - Shane Claiborne + local and national activists

'Risky Compassion' (Soul Talk Launch) - Saturday 2nd March 2019, Edinburgh

Guest speaker - Dr Ash Barker