The Soul Food story

Soul Food - more than a meal

Soul Food was initially inspired by an event run by the Astell Foundation in London called Saturday Night Fever, which offers a meal to homeless and marginalised people each week. 


Richard Cornfield - the then Associate Rector at Ps and Gs Church - discovered that Saturday nights were often the most isolating evenings of the week to those who are homeless, and also the most difficult evening in which to find a meal in the city of Edinburgh.

His premise was simple: to set up a table, cook a meal and go out into the streets of our city and invite our neighbours to dinner.


Soul Food first opened its doors at Ps and Gs Church, York Place, in March 2014 and St Margaret's Church, Easter Road, in May 2018.

Soul Food officially became a charity - Soul Food Edinburgh - in August 2018, led by Mustard Seed Edinburgh.

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Soul Food values

  • Generous meals of high quality food

  • A safe space (no alcohol or drugs, no rude or threatening behaviour)

  • Everyone - volunteer or guest - treated as equals, with kindness and respect

  • A commitment to walk alongside anyone in need of support

  • Collaboration with other agencies and organisations engaging in homelessness and poverty

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Hospitality at the centre

With the distinct value that Soul Food is always more than a meal, our vision is centred around the power of a table. Holding to the fact that hospitality is something which is core to the very heart of Christianity, we hope that the ordinary setting of a dinner place becomes a space of life-changing relationship and community.

By setting a table and sharing a meal, Soul Food hopes to provide a context that offers a place of safety and security where people feel accepted, respected, valued, loved and heard.

The word hospitality literally means, 'the love of a guest'. This means that we will always be values-driven and people centred.

"You've not only given me a meal and a safe space to be, you've also given me a place to belong."


- Soul Food Guest