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Blessing in the darkness: the blessing is ours

Today we gather the week’s blessings, and declare them together:

May we find in the darkness,

a blessing.

May we know ourselves held,

by the Love that knows

our name.

And so, may we be willing to sit in the dark,

in solidarity

with all who face great pain.

May we weep with them,

and hold them near

in the deepest of prayer.

May we summon something of their courage,

that will allow us

to live lives of radical peace too,

believing that

the dawn is on its way.

May we find God hovering over the face of the deep places

May we hope that God's creative presence is at work

May we approach the thick darkness, and find that God is there.

May we find our home in you, when home itself rejects us, and

may we know there is no separation

from your Divine and Loving Presence,

when the sea of our lives is carrying us to places we do not want to go.

And when all is done

may we remember the blessing is ours, always.

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