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Curious blessing: the blessing is ours

For the last time, this Advent, we gather our week’s blessings, and declare them together:

May we be willing to receive the

unexpected gifts, and in the receiving

may we know the peace

of the Prince of Peace,

who holds all things together.

May we learn to be open-handed,

willing to receive,

when we expected to give.

May we know,

even when life becomes complicated,

there is always

a Light,

which we can come home to.

And may you,

looking back thus far,

see the grace of God in your life.

May you receive

the strange and surprising gifts

that your story

has to offer you.

May you,

like Mary,

ponder them in your heart,

finding solace in them.

And may the places where you long for Christ to come,

receive his presence.

And finally,

This Advent,

may you,

recognise Jesus

in everyone you meet.

May you know,

that the love

you show to others,

is the greatest of gifts that you can offer,

to the One,

whose face

you have pledged your life

to seek.

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