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Help Us Raise Some Dough

This week, we are launching our summer campaign - 'Raise Some Dough'. We are looking for our wonderful supporters to host a Driveway Bake Sale for friends, family and neighbours sometime in June, July or August. Inspired by Erin Mayer, who raised £65 for Soul Food by selling her home baking to her neighbours, we thought that this might be something lots of you might enjoy to do!!

Hospitality is one of our key values at Soul Food and we'd love for you to join with us by welcoming you neighbours into your drive, feeding them your delicious baking and raising some money for Soul Food.

This summer, we have set a bold £10,000 fundraising target which will enable us to set up and support more new meals and we would so appreciate it if you joined us in reaching this goal.

For more details on getting involved, please email:

All donations welcome:

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