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The Invitation

Soul Food Advent Blog Series 2018: 'Room at the Table'

'The Invitation' - a poem by Kelsey Johnston

The Invitation

There is a place for you here

says the empty chair.

Rounded back and woven rush seat

calling out to my weary limbs and dusty soles.

I dare not look to my left or right

as I slide in to join the other guests

embarrassed by my worn out clothes and empty hands.

Come eat, come drink

says the table.

Bright polished wood and dancing candlelight

framing the feast I had smelled from afar

beeswax, wine, hot bread, roasted meat and spices

great dishes piled with colour

tugging at my hunger pains.

This isn’t for you

says my doubting mind

hardened by disappointment and the burden of living without.

I wait head bowed, for the heavy hand on my shoulder

the whispered rebuke

the shuffled retreat.

And He says;


We have been waiting for you.’

I look up into the face of my host

Suddenly light.

Completely seen.

Newly hopeful.



A Kiwi by birth and Scot by choice, Kelsey is a fledgling poet based in Edinburgh. She works in textiles and loves art, exploring the great outdoors and consuming good cake and coffee.

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