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The Way of the Carpenter

Soul Food Advent Blog Series 2018: 'Room at the Table'

'The Way of the Carpenter' - a poem by Vicky Allen

The Way of the Carpenter

When the carpenter invites you to his feast

there will always be room at the table

for those who are empty and long to be filled

those who are broken and long for wholeness.

There will always be space

for the grieving to weep

and the lonely to find friends.

When the carpenter invites you to his feast

the doors to the house are flung wide, the table fills and fills

and still there is always room for you

the carpenter is always building a bigger table.


Vicky Allen is a Communications Consultant for a small Scottish children's charity and part of Discovery Church Dunbar, a young church plant which often gathers in the wide open spaces of coastal East Lothian.

Vicky loves to write poetry and explore the world of faith in her words. Find out more about her writing at

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